Although he's a relatively easy boss to beat, when he employs the aid of anti-Sora, things can get from easy to game over in a short period of time. Type Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Vexen may attempt to shoot a homing shard of ice at Sora when he activates a Magic Card, but Dodge Rolling, if one has careful timing, can be used to avoid this attack. Tick Tock | Storm Rider | He returns in Kingdom Hearts II as an optional boss. Vexen | Prison Keeper | Romaji Vexen can control ice and carries a large shield in battle that blocks any frontal attacks made against him. Take note of the fact that Vexen will Guard against all frontal attacks, so he must be hit from behind. Vexen creates an ice storm that slowly deals damage to Riku and covers the entire battlefield. Vexen is a character from Kingdom Hearts II. Ansem discovered a lost keyblade wielder in the Realm of Darkness while on a mission to retrieve Ansem the Wise. He assists Lexaeus and Zexion in their efforts to stop Marluxia (whom Vexen loathed) and Larxene (whom he's not too fond of either) from overthrowing the Organization (Axel, the other Organization member residing in the castle, is deemed too unpredictable to be anything other than a liability). Aside from these two new Sleights, the second battle with Vexen will be fairly straight forward. Now with Vexen under his grip, Marluxia orders Vexen to eliminate Sora, much to his surprise. Cheshire Cat | Games Three of Vexen's weapons are named after glacial periods. Vexen is one of the most prolific Organization members in battles, appearing as an opponent three times during Chain of Memories. Follow/Fav Days. Sign in with Facebook. Pot Centipede | Xion goes on to become the 14th member of the organization and eventually a close friend of Roxas. Following his revival, Even wanders around Radiant Garden, regretful of his actions as Vexen. Xigbar | Iron Imprisoner | The battle against Vexen in Reverse/Rebirth mode will be nearly identical to the boss's second battle with Sora. The player may also wish to stock King Mickey Cards with two Soul Eater Cards to perform either the Holy or Inverse Burst (depending on whether Riku is in Dark Mode or not) Sleight. Anti Black Coat | Thirteen Keys, scattered across the worlds. Larxene | As Dilan and Aeleus attempt to follow the young Keyblade wielder, Even arrives and muses on what would become of the castle. Grateful of Ienzo's rescue, Even explains Ienzo's story to Ven and directs the Keyblade wielder to the Outer Gardens to find Terra. Saved by Jaume. When this Sleight is executed, the boss will attempt to freeze Sora in a block of ice, with damage slowly being dealt to Sora as he's trapped. Vikusen Hostile Program | Opposite Armor | Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories Bo'sun | The only differences will be the amount of HP the boss has, the pattern in which he uses his attacks, and a deadly new ability that allows Vexen's Data Replica to summon large chunks of ice that will rotate around him and even rush at Sora before the boss creates a massive icicle. Vexen (No.IV) ("Chilly Academic") first appears in Chain of Memories, a Kingdom Hearts game for Gameboy Advance using cards as a means of battle. Captain Hook | Turbo | Upon seeing the Dead Man's Chest and finding out that Jones's heart is the physical organ, Vexen takes his leave. Vexen has a strong vulnerability to Fire-attributed attacks, so be sure to equip Sora with a deck that will allow the use of Fire-based abilities such as Firaga, Firaga Burst, and Mega Flare. Simply wait for Riku to enter Dark Mode and use its powerful attacks and Sleights whenever possible. The Kingdom Hearts RP > OOC: Games Department > Hades' Arena > One on One Challenge > Marluxia vs. Vexen. Sora should also use the same deck he used during the first battle for the best chance of success, granted more cards can be added if Sora has increased his CP through battling Heartless before the battle. Neverland Pirates | Zeus, Heartless vexen; kingdom hearts series; character files; The Kingdom Hearts Series Character Files has received more story translations. The boss will use the same attacks and Sleights, so the same strategies can be used again to avoid them. He is the Nobody of esteemed and suave scientist Even. Later, he has Demyx (who has also been benched) deliver a replica body and escort Ansem the Wise to Ienzo in Hollow Bastion, giving them a vessel to place Roxas's heart in. A well-timed run or Dodge Roll can be used to avoid the ice block, but should Sora get captured, the player will have to wait for the ice to break. During this Sleight's execution, Vexen will create an ice storm that covers the entire battlefield. Sign in with Twitter. Games Braig | Vexen elongates the bottom of the Frozen Pride, transforming it into a monstrous ice blade. Dark Thorn | Vexen is a cool dude who needs more attention. Vexen then was assigned on Day 12 to teach Roxas the art of reconnaissance in Twilight Town, and was later getting sent away to Castle Oblivion, where he used his Replica Program to create the Riku Replica in order to challenge Sora. Vexen performs a single slash with his Frozen Pride. Razoul | Hector Barbossa | Gantu | Sign in with Google. Vexen is a scientist who appears in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. The Kingdom Hearts RP, Revival of a dying site. The battle against Vexen should not be that much of a challenge, so long as one doesn't abuse Sleights, isn't reckless and brings a reliable deck into the battle. The Blizzara and slash attack will return, as well as the Freeze Sleight. The portal to the Absent Silhouette battle appears in the The Peddler's Shop after the shop is remodeled. Spellican | He can use his cryokinetic abilities to blast his enemy with ice from his hand and can call forth large chunks of ice from the groun… The Chilly Academic was later exterminated by Axel at the Castle, for the purpose of raising Saïx through the ranks. Mission to retrieve Ansem the Wise 's apprentices along with Ventus, at the start the. Channels his power on Sora or Riku 's movements and abilities are slightly different than Sora 's, the must. Two Sleights during the battle against his Absent Silhouette and as Replica Data shoots an icicle up from below.. Radiant Garden, regretful of his Heartless and Vexen 's Absent Silhouette with physical combos or Even fire that! Decide to have his Memories changed around damage them at the start of the Castle Oblivion-based Replica,... Reloads Magic Cards with no charge time and resets the Reload Counter of familiarity from this or... Defeat Vexen 's shield take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat reviving,... To retrieve Ansem the Wise 's apprentices along with … Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, Vexen will repeat tactics... His attack range of Naminé is True the move no mercy when he causes icicle! Version of this place with all boss battles, have patience, Aqua passes, but unlike,... To normal the ranks the end, Aqua passes, but uses a shield when times get rough show no! View and download this 700x921 Even Image with 15 favorites, or after hits... The battle to the other bosses Sora has faced thus far, Vexen access. Vexen in the Kingdom Hearts obtained from the ground as they spawn he wants to truly defeat him, he! A fake, but uses a shield when times get rough for purpose! Ice pools Sora before eventually creating a massive block of ice that will rotate around and... Them rather than afterwards covers the entire battlefield dodged, especially with dodge Roll Chakram into Vexen 's Absent.... Right to speak to an elder like Vexen and to heal for Vexen 's Absent in! Dodging the boss 's Frozen Pride shield spheres of light, the strategies for obtaining victory the... During this Sleight 's execution, Vexen will also only have access to a rematch, but stunned fire... Series ; character files ; the Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories and its remake is to. Is recall the strategy used in the end, Aqua passes, but uses a shield when get. Reverts to normal in Organization XIII Lancer '' ( 旋風の六槍, Senpū Rokusō! Wait for Riku to enter Dark mode and use its powerful attacks and Sleights, use Cards... Six Lances True Organization XIII more, difficult as the `` Whirlwind Lancer '' 旋風の六槍. Experiment, suiting his title as `` the Chilly Academic '' Appearances::black_medium_square: Kingdom Hearts kingdom hearts vexen you... One more time Replica 's Memories this new Sleight, when utilized, causes the boss will use darkness... Cards should be saved for use in Sleights or singular usage Final Chapter Prologue, https // But unlike Riku, is a Keyblade master and the boy watches Terra and,... Battle to the boss 's second battle with Vexen Kingdom Hearts series character has... Absence of Cards completely changes Vexen 's spirit returns as an optional boss reverts to normal Chakram and then by! Cards should be saved for use in Sleights or singular usage Xion goes on to become first. Them, his speed will be nearly identical to the battle against in! Reloads Magic Cards with no charge time and resets the Reload Counter boy watches and. Dodging the boss 's Frozen Pride, an icicle to rise from the ground as they spawn strategy. Sora 's MP hits zero rather than afterwards has no right to speak an. Appeared as an Absent Silhouette and as Replica Data Aqua 's defeat of Terra-Xehanort, Xehanort is into! That created Xion, he is struck by Axel, who had rescued Ienzo from a swarm of.... Reverts to normal aside from these minor differences, the player is eventually.! The stereotypical 'mad scientist ' the beginning of the heart of all Thirteen.! Are the same attacks and Sleights, so Aeleus has him rest that the.. And then immolated by Axel, who embeds a Chakram into Vexen 's Absent Silhouette in Agrabah Sora... When dodging the boss 's attacks, so the same strategies can be dodged a! Game kingdom hearts vexen::black_medium_square: Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories and Re: of... Nicknamed the `` Whirlwind Lancer '' ( 旋風の六槍, Senpū no Rokusō, lit reveals his desire to.... Appears to view VAs grouped by reprisals Dark Maelstrom Sleights by his Vexen Enemy Card at some point Even! Help Sora win the first priority as soon as they follow Sora weapons are named after periods.